Renaissance Room
4th Floor

The Renaissance Room is first and foremost a waypoint that liaises two essential spaces in Casa da Música: Cybermusic and theWest Foyer West. It was designed and built to be a bar of Casa da Música, which would operate whenever required by the number and circulation of public, particularly in events with simultaneous concerts. Problems related to the size of the accesses and kitchen equipment prevented, however, its licensing as bar.


The name of the hall comes from the tiles lining, which show a pattern created by two parallelograms and a square, with the colors blue, green and white. The inspiration would have come, on the one hand, from the façades of the town, which in the 19th century had patterns similar to this. On the other hand, the optical illusion caused by the tiled mosaic evokes the European Renaissance, a time of cultural, artistic and scientific explosion in which the artists fully began exploring the use of perspective in painting. And there is still a possible reference to Op Art, artistic current in the 1960’s, which worked the natural effects of one point and isometric perspectives to create optical illusions so strong that suggest movement.

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