Guided Tours



Tour in Portuguese: 11:00 e 16:00

Tour in English: 11:00 e 16:00


Visit Casa da Música and end up in a concert

Guided tours are an excellent way of discovering the many faces of the Casa da Musica. For about an hour, a guide describes the building designed by Dutchman Rem Koolhaas, leading visitors around the building’s different spaces and explaining how the architecture, its functionalities and the artistic programming all relate to each other. There are several types of visits and you can choose between the regular daily visits (Portuguese/English), and those designed specifically for groups (in several languages), these last ones depending on previous appointment. All of them will provide you with surprises and unexpected attraction points. After the tour, you can deduct the value of the visit on a ticket to a concert (Resident Groups’ concerts only). 



Daily visit (11:00 and 16:00) available in: Portuguese and English.



Groups with a minimum of 15 people, scheduled in advance.

Available languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.




Visits to suit different age groups (< 3 years old) which include diversified musical games appropriate for each group


TOURIST €12.50

Lasting a bit longer than usual, this visit offers the public the chance to explore the building in a relaxed and engrossing way. In addition to offering a Casa da Música brochure, at the end of the tour the group is taken to a private area in the building where they can quietly enjoy a glass of Port wine.




Special visits to Casa da Música, offering direct access to behind the scenes and introducing visitors to the day-to-day dynamics involving the preparation of concerts.



11:00 (PT/EN) This ticket includes a visit to the Casa da Música followed by a lovely lunch at the Restaurant.



From 4 to 12 years old

Are you looking for a different kind of party? Surprise your friends by choosing the party you wish to share with them. Casa da Música wants to offer you a day full of surprises, music and joy. Bring you friends along to live the best adventure for your special day. Happy birthday!


 BOOKINGS +351 220 120 233


*doens’t accumulate with other discounts; ticket purchase is subject to room availability




From June 1 to September 30

Portuguese - 11:00, 14:30 and 16:00

English - 10:00, 11:00, 16:00 and 17:00

Only through August, Casa da Música offers guided tours in French, everyday at 15:00.



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Partners | 20 % off

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