5 May 2017 Friday 22:00
Sala 2
Ararur · Maniscalco-Bigoni-Solborg Trio
Rito da Primavera | Spring On!/Novas Tendências do Jazz
05 Maio 2017 Spring ON Ararur Maniscalco-Bigoni-Solborg trio
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    Novos Valores do Jazz
    Sala 2


    António Miguel Silva guitar and compositions

    Ângela Maria Santos voice and lyrics

    João Capinha saxofone high sax and tenor

    Francisco Brito double bass

    João Rijo drums


    Maniscalco-Bigoni-Solborg Trio

    Emanuele Maniscalco piano

    Francesco Bigoni tenor saxophone and clarinet

    Mark Solborg guitar



    Graduated from Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, guitarist and composer António Miguel Silva was accepted in the first edition of the artistic residencies of Musibéria - Centro Internacional de Músicas e Danças no Mundo Ibérico (Serpa), which resulted in the financing of his album by the EU and the municipality of Serpa. In 2013 he began to compose the songs and create the concept of the group Ararur. Its sonority refers to the universe of jazz, improvised music and world music.


    Maniscalco-Bigoni-Solborg Trio 

    It is from the written material that the trio Maniscalco-Bigoni-Solborg constructs its free interpretations and improvisations, in a game of stimuli and instantaneous reactions between the musicians that results in authenticity and charisma. This is the attitude that the group has been working intensely on and disclosed on its first album, released in 2015. It has a poetic and melodic expressiveness, typical of chamber music, contrasting with the exploration of different textures and microtonality. An almost architectural fusion of abstraction and warmth - this is the ambition and trademark of a project that is not so much concerned with stylistic labels, but with the encouragement of a musical conversation for the ears that are interested in the dialogue.


    • Maniscalco-Bigoni-Solborg Trio
    • Ararur
    • João Capinha
      alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute
    • Francisco Brito
      double bass

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