15 Oct 2017 Sunday 21:00
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La Bejazz · Anat Cohen & Marcello Gonçalves (with Roberta Sá)
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15 Outubro 2017 La Bejazz Anat Cohen
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    Melchor Jimenez “Melchor chico” flamenco guitar

    Javier Carmona Bono piano and clarinet

    Bernardo Parrilla saxophones

    Pablo Carmona “di Bonno” vibraphone and percussion

    Pedro Corona “Curro Cueto” voice and flute

    Dario Vallecillo percussion

    Javier Carmona double bass


    Since 2005 the Seville band La Bejazz explores the crossroads between flamenco and jazz, without ever betraying the expressive intensity that marks the music of Andalusia. The success among the critics and the general public is enormous. The band includes specialized musicians in both types of languages and explores intensely the improvisation, combining a deep respect for the soul of flamenco with the exploratory inventiveness of jazz. The basic formation consists of flamenco guitar, bass, percussion, piano and saxophone/flute, but it is often extended with the participation of special guests.



    Anat Cohen & Marcello Gonçalves with Roberta Sá

    Anat Cohen clarinet

    Marcello Gonçalves 7 strings guitar

    Roberta Sá voice


    With her clarinet, Anat Cohen “becomes a singer, a poet, a mad scientist, laughing – musically – with the delight of reaching that new place, that new feeling, with each chorus”, according to JazzTimes magazine. The acclaimed Israeli clarinetist mixes jazz with popular styles based on musical traditions from diverse places. In 2017 she released the album Outra Coisa with guitarist Marcello Gonçalves, a tribute to one of the most influent innovators from Brazil, Moacir Santos. The duo invites de Brazilian singer Roberta Sá for the presentation of the album at Casa da Música.


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