22 Oct 2017 Sunday 21:00
Sala Suggia
Quartabê · Dianne Reeves
Outono em Jazz
22 Outubro 2017 Dianne Reeves Quartabê
  • Dianne Reeves

    Peter Martin piano

    Romero Lubambo classical guitar

    Reginald Veal double bass

    Terreon Gully drums


    The long awaited return to Portugal of the great jazz diva Dianne Reeves, presenting her latest album and most recent Grammy Award winner: Beautiful Life. Master in the blurring of boundaries between different styles, the singer also explores a variety of fields in a fascinating journey through R&B, pop, jazz and Latin sounds, visiting the music of diverse songwriters like Marvin Gaye (“I Want You”), Bob Marley (“Waiting in Vain”), Stevie Nicks (“Dreams”) or Terri Lynne Carrington (“Satiated (Been Waiting)”). Dianne Reeves is accompanied by a luxury quartet, in one of the highlights of Autumn in Jazz and an absolutely unmissable concert.




    Joana Queiroz tenor saxophone, clarinet

    Maria Beraldo clarinet and clarone

    Mariá Portugal drums and MPC

    Chicão piano and keys


    It was on the occasion of the 2014 Moacir Santos Festival that the Quartabê project was born, formed by members of the band that were accompanying Arrigo Barnabé. Now, they present for the first time in Portugal their reinterpretation of the work of one of the giants of Brazilian popular music, Moacir Santos. Going through such varied sounds like free jazz, afrobeat, electronic music and choro, Quartabê conquered the jazz critics with their debut album, #Lição1: Moacir, released in 2015. There is no excessive reverence to the master’s lessons, but rather an inventive and daring reconstruction of the compositions accompanied by a humorous stage presence.


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