13 Aug 2018 Monday 18:30
Sala 2
P'las Cordas da Guitarra
Portugal a Gosto
13 Agosto 2018 P'las Cordas da Guitarra
  • The enthralling sound of the Portuguese guitar is the motto for an evening filled with tradition. With their "guitarradas" (instrumental songs featuring the Portuguese guitar) the musicians unleash their virtuosity and present an aspect of our national identity that goes far beyond the fado. An encounter between the Portuguese guitar of João Martins, the classical guitar of André Teixeira and the bass guitar of Sérgio Marques.


    Traditional Portuguese music has a special place reserved for it at Casa da Música every afternoon of August. Seven perspectives on materialized heritage through rural and urban sounds. From Sundays to Tuesdays, Fado and the Portuguese guitar are the main artists of the cycle of concerts at Sala 2: traditional Fado on Sundays, the "guitarradas" (instrumental music featuring the Portuguese guitar) on Mondays, and the miscegenation with other Iberian sounds on Tuesdays. The map of Portugal opens up from Wednesdays to Saturdays, with traditional instruments and different accents from various parts of the country illustrating the enormous richness and sound diversity of our rural landscapes, where the land is the highest form of culture.


    • Sérgio Marques
      double bass, bass
    • André Teixeira
      fado guitar