Ticket Office
  • Prices and discounts policies


    Made when buying tickets. It is essential for holders to present supporting documents upon admission to the shows. The discounts are not cumulative. Symphonic, Remix, Baroque, Chorus and Piano Cycle

    Young (< 30 years) 50%

    College students 50%

    Teachers and music students 50%

    Friend Card 25%

    BPI Card 20%

    Senior (> 65 years) 15%

    Continente Card: with the purchase of an adult ticket, two tickets are offered for young under 18 years of age



    25% discount on concerts promoted by Casa da Música. The aforementioned discounts apply to concerts priced at €10 or more.



    Subject to ticket collection on the same day up to a limit of 4 per person.

  • Reservations


    Reservations are valid for up to 7 days. If made within 7 days prior to the performance, they are valid for up to 48 hours prior to its beginning.


    Education Service Reservations

    Workshops, masterclasses, seminars, special projects and training sessions

    Monday to Friday – 9:00 am to 1:00pm

    +351 220 120 290


  • Ticket sales

    Tickets for the shows at Casa da Musica can be purchased:

    - At Casa da Musica ticket office

    - Worten Shop

    - Casa da Música website

  • Information request form
  • Return policies

    Refunds If, due to circumstances beyond the management’s control, the date of the performance is changed, tickets will be valid for the new date. Ticket refunds will be available, upon request - and only within 60 days from the original date -, only under the following circumstances:

    a) If the performance cannot take place at the scheduled place, date and time;

    b) If main artist(s) is(are) replaced or if the show is interrupted. If the said replacement or interruption is due to circumstances beyond the management’s control, which take place after the beginning of the show, refunds will not be available.

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