Stage Dinner | May 06
The Life of Clara and Robert Schumann

May 06 · 08 PM

Stage Dinner - The Poet of Sounds


Tiago Manuel da Hora and Vanessa Pires Plot, staging and direction

Eduarda Melo soprano

Job Tomé baritone

Ángel Gonzalez piano


Clara Wieck was 11 when she met Robert Schumann, who was a student of her father, the famous professor from Leipzig, Frederick Wieck. Robert was the love of her life. They married in 1840 but their time together was tragically short due to the fast deterioration of Robert's mental illness. He died when he was only 44. Despite such a premature end, the time that Robert and Clara Schumann shared together was a period of extraordinary musical fruition, with the presence of Johannes Brahms, disciple, friend and witness of their special universe. Clara and Robert established a passionate dialogue through more than twenty thousand letters and beautiful compositions that characterize the domestic experience of Robert Schumann with his beloved Clara and his friend Johannes Brahms in a perfect harmony between history and music that is the basis for this staged dinner.



€ 45 (dinner included)