Out of this World

Projects, Digitópia Casa da Música, Hotspots and Roaming

  • Projects

    Along with the activities scheduled in the program, the Education Service promotes a series of deep and consistent projects that translate into transdisciplinarity and innovation. They involve professional musicians, vocational groups and specific communities. They deal with educational and social principles. They are based on musical research and artistic recreation. Regardless of their nature, they involve front-runner practices and methods and add new territories to the map of music.

    Some are held uninterruptedly, in a progressive manner, others are repeated annually within specific contexts.

    This mesh holds many formations that are unique in their principles, methodologies and languages: we refer to the Street Sounds Orchestra (Orquestra Som da Rua), Casa da Música Gamelan Ensemble (Ensemble de Gamelão Casa da Música), the Digitópia Collective, the Electric Bass and Guitar Orchestra (Orquestra de Guitarras e Baixos Eléctricos), the new Casa da Música’s Children’s Choir (Coro Infantil Casa da Música) and Orquestra Energia Fundação EDP. It also holds many special encounters and concepts embodied in projects such as Within Everyone’s Reach (Ao Alcance de Todos) or Sonópolis. There are also two days that are particularly special for us: the World Music Day and the International Children’s day, as well as the invitation to a daily musical experience through Big Ears!. All of these initiatives have an umbilical connection to Casa da Música and can be expressed wherever they are welcome.

  • Digitópia Casa da Música

    The digital universe goes beyond the physical environment to reconfigure and democratize the opportunities for musical and artistic achievement. Digitópia Casa da Música is the platform that holds this innovation space, which is constantly changing.

    Based on new technologies, it encourages listening experiences, performances and the creation of music. It mainly gravitates around the development of authoring tools and the content granted by its resident team. With front-runner models, this platform follows a policy of sharing and open access. Everything that is developed is also available at www.digitopia.github.io. By expanding the fields of digital and electronic music in a non-academic or business environment, it stimulates the emergence of new musicians and creative communities.

  • Hot Spots

    Throughout the entire building of Casa da Música there are available interactive equipment and facilities that can be used for free.

    Doors are always open to anyone who wants to experience music and sound – once or regularly, casually or intensely. The principle of autonomy prevails in the Hot Spots, validated by friendly technology developed by the team of Digitópia Casa da Música. Whether in individual or group visits, the Hot Spots invite everyone to experiment music and sound.

  • Roaming

    Roaming Traveling is wonderful, especially when we take the best of us. It doesn’t matter if the path has a few kilometres of road or many air miles - rejecting the idea of smaller destinations; in Portugal and abroad we present productions with the DNA of the Education Service of Casa da Música.

    With a map that is redrawn every year, Roaming is the program that makes us reach other audiences. Performances, training sessions, workshops, artistic residencies or Out of This World projects are included in the wide range of in-house productions that always have their luggage ready and a valid passport.

    We are increasing our scope of action, with concert halls and similar institutions all over the world recognizing an educational and artistic project that seeks to invest in innovative processes and in the expansion of the territory of music. This results in long-term partnerships, prolonged visits and confirmed returns.

    The Tokyo Bunka Kaikan in Tokyo - where we will return with another Training Course for Music Performers - the Palau da Música Catalana in Barcelona, the Festival Artes para Criação in São Paulo or the De Doelen in Rotterdam - where we will present Cha Cha Pum, in April - are some of the foreign structures with which we have established important connections. In Portugal, we created strong partnerships with GNRation space, in Braga, Festival Internacional de Música de Espinho, Fundação de Serralves and many other institutions across the country.

    Roaming means movement. And we are willing to go anywhere with proposals that make us proud. Accordingly, the school year of 2016/17 is open and ready to consider new routes.

    The Roaming program by ES is always open to new suggestions. Any clarification about our proposals and scheduling opportunities may be requested by email: seducativo@casadamusica.com.