• Casa da Música International Showcase

    22 Abr - 11 Mai

    No final de Abril, a Casa da Música acolhe a ECHO Artistic Platform, que reúne no Porto os directores artísticos e programadores das 21 principais salas de concerto da Europa. Com este estímulo, foi programado um conjunto de concertos que mostram a novos públicos a intensa actividade dos agrupamentos residentes da Casa – Orquestra Sinfónica, Remix Ensemble, Orquestra Barroca e Coro Casa da Música - e a sua vocação internacional, com a estreia de novas obras encomendadas a George Aperghis e Peter Eötvös. O Showcase apresenta também agrupamentos associados como o Quarteto de Cordas de Matosinhos (seleccionado para o programa Rising Stars da ECHO em 2014-15) e a premiada Banda Sinfónica Portuguesa, entre outras propostas.

  • Casa da Música International Showcase

    • 22 abr 2014
      Quarteto de Cordas de Matosinhos
      terça-feira | 19:30 | Sala 2
    • 25 abr 2014
      Esperança em Tempo de Guerra
      Orquestra Sinfónica | Orquestra Barroca | Coro Casa da Música
      sexta-feira | 21:00 | Sala Suggia
    • 26 abr 2014
      Amor em Tempo de Guerra
      Orquestra Barroca | Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto Casa da Música
      sábado | 18:00 | Sala Suggia
    • 27 abr 2014
      O Soldado Desconhecido
      Remix Ensemble Casa da Música
      domingo | 18:00 | Sala Suggia
    • 30 abr 2014
      Espectáculos | Concertos para Todos
      quarta-feira | 21:00 | Sala Suggia
    • 1 mai 2014
      Goran Bregovic Wedding and Funeral Band
      "Champagne for Gypsies"
      quinta-feira | 21:00 | Sala Suggia
    • 3 mai 2014
      Concerto para Violino de Tchaikovski
      Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León
      sábado | 18:00 | Sala Suggia
    • 4 mai 2014
      Sinfonia da Vitória
      Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León | Concerto Comentado
      domingo | 12:00 | Sala Suggia
    • 6 mai 2014
      Peter Eötvös, O Maestro
      Remix Ensemble Casa da Música
      terça-feira | 19:30 | Sala Suggia
    • 9 mai 2014
      János Balázs
      Palace of Arts-Budapest
      sexta-feira | 21:00 | Sala 2
    • 10 mai 2014
      Dionysis Grammenos | Karina Sposobina
      Megaron-The Athens Concert Hall
      sábado | 12:00 | Sala 2
    • 10 mai 2014
      Quarteto Voce
      Cité de La Musique
      sábado | 16:00 | Sala 2
    • 10 mai 2014
      Primeiras Obras
      Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto Casa da Música
      sábado | 18:00 | Sala Suggia
    • 10 mai 2014
      Pablo Held Jazz Trio
      Festspielhaus, Konzerthaus, Elbphilharmonie & Laeiszhalle e Kölner Philharmonie
      sábado | 22:00 | Sala 2
    • 11 mai 2014
      Banda Sinfónica Portuguesa
      domingo | 12:00 | Sala Suggia
    • 11 mai 2014
      Leticia Moreno | Ana-Maria Vera
      Palau de La Musica Catalana e L'Auditori Barcelona
      domingo | 16:00 | Sala 2
    • 11 mai 2014
      Van Baerle Trio
      Het Concertgebow Amsterdam e Bozar Bruxelles
      domingo | 18:00 | Sala 2
  • More Information

    At the end of April, Casa da Música is host to the ECHO Artistic Platform, which brings together in Porto the artistic directors and programme planners of the 21 principal concert halls of Europe. This was the stimulus for a set of concerts that will demonstrate to a new public the intense activity of Portuguese musical groups and their outwards focus, with shared concerts and the première of newly commissioned works by George Aperghis and Peter Eötvös. This showcase includes groups with an international slant, such as Quarteto de Cordas de Matosinhos (selected for the ECHO Rising Stars programme 2014-15) and the prize-winning Banda Sinfónica Portuguesa, amongst others.

  • Concerts


    APR 22 | 19:30


    In these “Prussian Quartets”, Mozart paid special attention to the sharper register of the cello, the instrument played by Friedrich Wilhelm II, king of Prussia. A mature and extremely elegant work, the second of these quartets is said to be one of Mozart's most 'conversational' and balanced pieces. Creating a bridge between the heritage of Beethoven and more recent trends in French music, Béla Bartók embraced the influence of Hungarian folk music when writing his first string quartet, a work which was to define him on the international stage. In 2009 Christopher Bochmann composed Canticum, a contemporary and original treatment of a traditional Portuguese folk melody recorded by ethnomusicologist Michel Giacometti in Peroguarda, Alentejo.

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    APR 25 | 21:00


    The human voice, in a call for peace for mankind, heralds the start of a concert which features one of Schoenberg's most beautiful scores for an a cappella choir. Orquestra Barroca then performs masterpieces by Rameau and Handel created for the celebration of the Aix-en-Chapelle peace treaty, which brought an end to the War of the Austrian Succession in 1748.

    The second part of the programme features two great symphonic choral works. A Survivor from Warsaw tells the story of an episode that occurred in the Warsaw Ghetto and portrays the extreme violence inflicted by the Nazis on the Jewish population. The Eternal Gospel, written on the eve of World War I, takes its inspiration from the Book of Revelation, reproducing in the violin solo and the voice of the soprano the hymn of love and peace that was announced by an angel.

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    APR 26 | 18:00


    Wozzeck, a tale of love in the time of war, recounts the shocking story of a crime of passion committed by a soldier whose life is then plagued by hallucinations.

    Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda tells the story of two lovers, the Christian Tancredo and the Moor Clorinda, who, meeting in combat, do not recognize each other as they are wearing armour, and so engage in a fight to the death.

    In a timeless programme that reaches over more than three centuries we have a score by Biber that is full of humour, written in the late aftermath of the war between Catholics and Protestants in the 17th century, and a heartfelt hymn, Em Louvor da Paz, the last orchestral score by Lopes-Graça, written for the Congress of Intellectuals for Future World Peace, held in Krakow in 1986.

    Program info +



    APR 27 | 18:00


    The First World War, which began 100 years ago, is here evoked to express life’s desire to live. Featuring poetry and drama, this musical theatre pays tribute to the conflict’s victims (António Gonçalves Curado was the first Portuguese soldier killed in combat) proposing a reflection on humanity.

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    MAY 01 | 21:00


    Born in Sarajevo to a Serbian mother and Croatian father, Goran Bregovic writes festive music that evokes Jewish and gypsy weddings, as well as finding inspiration in Christian hymns and the innovations of the Muslim world. The music played by his orchestra mixes gypsy brass bands, traditional Bulgarian polyphony, electric guitar, traditional percussion, Orthodox singers and strings. Music whose origins lie on an unfortunate borderline, that has seen as many years of conflict as it has of harmony between Catholic, Orthodox and Muslim, which is perhaps the very reason why it immediately grips the soul and gives an irresistible compulsion to dance.

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    MAY 3 | 18:00


    In a concert directed by acclaimed conductor Vasily Petrenko, the Castile and León Symphony Orchestra introduces for the first time in Porto the multi-award-winning violinist Ray Chen, winner of the international competitions Yehudi Menuhin (2008) and Queen Elizabeth (2009). At just 24 years of age, Chen, who is signed exclusively to the Sony label and plays a Lord Newlands Stradivarius violin dating from 1702, is one of the most prominent performers of the day. The programme is marked by emblematic works from Russian masters, a repertoire for which Vasily Petrenko receives international recognition.

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    MAY 4 | 12:00


    Written during the winter of 1946-47, Prokofiev’s Symphony no.6 is considered an elegy of the tragic events of the Second World War. “Now we are rejoicing in our great victory, but we all have wounds that cannot be healed. One has lost those dear to him, another has lost his health. These must not be forgotten”, Prokofiev said of this symphony, which he dedicated to Beethoven because of the curious coincidence of his sharing an opus number, 111, with the German composer’s last Sonata for piano. Conducted by a great expert in Russian music, Vasily Petrenko, the symphony will be preceded by a brief commentary on its most striking moments.

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    MAY 6 | 19:30


    Internationally acclaimed as one of the most important musical personalities of the day, Peter Eötvös appears for the first time in the city of Porto in the dual role of composer and conductor. In a programme devoted entirely to Eötvös’s work, which includes the world premiere of a new piece commissioned by Casa da Música for cimbalom and ensemble, we see soloist Miklós Lukács, a virtuoso and ambassador of this instrument in areas as diverse as jazz, traditional and contemporary music.

    With striking sounds and a pronounced element of ritual and theatre, Chinese Opera is one of the pieces of music that established Peter Eötvös as an artist. Written for Ensemble intercontemporain in 1986, it features in the discography of several international groups and is performed as a national premiere by Remix Ensemble.

    Program info + 



    MAY 09 | 21:00

    JÁNOS BALÁZS piano

    Echo Rising Stars | Palace of Arts-Budapest

    Program info +



    MAY 10 | 12:00


    Echo Rising Stars | Megaron-The Athens Concert Hall

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    MAY 10 | 16:00


    Echo Rising Stars | Cité de la Musique

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    MAY 10 | 18:00


    Written when the composer was 26, Samuel Barber’s Symphony no.1 demonstrates, from the very first notes, the North American composer’s enthusiasm of youth and his exuberant desire to make a statement. Anton Bruckner, in turn, was 43 when he presented his first Symphony to the public, a sign of the influence of the Beethovian tradition adhered to by the great Romantic composers.

    Passacaglia opus 1 remains in the programme as one of the most impressive and perfect first works by any composer. But Webern had already written various pieces prior to this. He just did not consider them part of his catalogue, and, as such, he was able to make his debut with a work of excellence.

    Program info +



    MAY 10 | 22:00


    Echo Rising Stars | Festspielhaus Baden-Baden, Konzerthaus Dortmund, Elbphilharmonie & Laeiszhalle Hamburg and Kölner Philharmonie

    Program info +



    MAY 11 | 12:00


    Swiss composer Paul Huber’s style is post-Romantic, with elements of the traditional music of his country, often incorporating a devotional quality. This all contributes to its great appeal, which can be heard in Evocazioni, the work that opens this concert. Another highlight is the Double Concerto by Paulo Jorge Ferreira, premiered in 2011 by the very same soloists performing it here. The concert closes with a work by French composer Ida Gotkovsky, professor at the Conservatoire in Paris, who has a vast catalogue of work both for bands and symphony orchestra.

    Program info +



    MAY 11 | 16:00


    Echo Rising Stars | Palau de la Musica Catalana e L’Auditori Barcelona

    Program info +



    MAY 11 | 18:00


    Echo Rising Stars | Het Concertgebow Amsterdam e Bozar Bruxelles

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